Are your students reading at the
level needed to be successful
in college, career, and life?

Our literacy studies have shown that
reading levels for the workplace are
now far greater than the typical
high school graduate is capable of.


Research-based Data

At your fingertips

The Literacy Growth Profile for college and career readiness
provides users the following capabilities:

Student Growth

  • Report a student's lexile measure after each quarterly administration of the assessment.

  • Compare the growth of a student's performance on quartlery assessments to research conducted by the Successful Practices Network, Tipping Point Analytics, and Metametrics, which shows the post-secondary level narratives, jobs, and relevant citizenships texts that the student has progressed towards.
  • Aggregate Data

  • The flexiblity to update and aggregate the scores up and down at any time the end-user chooses.

  • Aggregate reader Lexile measures to grade, school, and district levels.
  • Support

  • Enables action to be taken to support the student immediately.

  • Introduce the student to texts at an appropriate level of difficulty and develop literacy skills gradually over time.